Don't Let Your Busy Hurt Your Honey

Intimate Personal Event Planning

Show Them You Care


Lose Your Golden Handcuffs

This is about you, the well-paid but overworked professionals looking to build better personal relationships

Your busy work life has kept you away from your people - friends, family, love interests. 

Showing up to dinner is easy, but planning something special and meaningful that will remain in your memory for years to come is hard, and it takes a lot of time, time that you do not have.

We believe that your social life should not be dictated by how much time you spend, but instead how much thoughts and care you put into your loved ones.

Most people think they have to do everything themselves but not anymore - HONEYPIE is here to help! 

We will not only do the planning, but also have everything ready for you on your special day! On top of that, you can also hire us to record the event and keep your memory on screen forever!

Through a strong foundation in intimate personal event planning, HONEYPIE helps you create meaningful memories with your people without having to trade in more time.


Detailed Planning For Your Special Day

Prepare and Setting Up Everything (All You Need To Do Is Show Up)

Record and Edit Your Special Moments Into Video and Photo Collage (Optional)

"Thanks, man! Iryna(wife) loved every bit of it. Easily the best anniversary ever."

- Clifford (Ventura, CA), One Year Anniversary

"Dude, you are such a hopeless romantic, but this is genius."

- Dany (Tuen Mun, HK), First Date After 9 Months of Friendship

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